The worst board breaking demonstration ever😳

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Talking about Taekwondo balck belts is always a big topic. 
Some instructors are destroying the phenominal image of Taekwondo as a real martial art. 
Many of black belts are not even mastering the basics of the art, therefore, they can not be good teachers. 

Good instructors are those who can explain and demonstrate the art. In this video, the demonstrative part does not exist. The person who seems to be an instructor has big issues to break those boards using his punches and kicks. 
                                       Let's watch 👇👇


  1. Thats what it takes when taekwondo were too much business.. promoting student even its not eligible ..

  2. Failing to break can be due to a number of factors obviously poor technique may he a main part however how the boards are held, if they are damp, how they are cut etc. There is a skill to breaking boards and if you have never been shown how to do it properly the chances of breaking are seriously reduced. Especially if they are kicking to and not through the board.

  3. Its so sample he suck don’t deserve yellow belt

  4. Green belt in here is better :-)

  5. Maybe a few people on this page could learn to spell "balck" properly.

    One or two people commenting could learn to write properly in English before slagging somebody off for having a bad day.

  6. OMG! This video is more hilarious then Mr Bean show! ��������