Taekwondo vs Bully

11:47:00 AM Tkd kwan 12 Comments

Taekwondo is a good martial art that can be used for self defense if it was taught correctly and the old fashioned way, I mean the traditional style of  Taekwondo, and it can be the ITF taekwondo or the Kukkiwon style.
Many schools are still teaching the old Taekwondo style to their students especially students who are not  interested in joining the Championships.
Taekwondo contains many effective techniques and skills that can save you from a real situation but the best self defense technique is to avoid the fight if you can.
Everyone most likely had an experience with bullying in school or in streets, and everyone has a different way to deal with the situation. People who have trained martial arts may defend themselves using the techniques they know, while others may run..
We came across this video that shows a street self defense but We really do not know if this video was made up or if it was a real one. This guy using his board was trying to apologize but the other guy did not accept his apology and insisted to attack him.
According to the video, the last kick that caused the knock out seems to be real.
In all cases, Taekwondo is an effective martial art if you have leant it from the right master or school, so my advice for you guys is to ask about the reputation of the school and the masters before enrolling your kids or your self, because many schools are like shops that sell certificates without any proper training or real Taekwondo knowledge.
There are many staged videos on Internet that promote the self defense  in certain martial arts such as Taekwondo, but we can not know if a video was staged if we do not get that truth from people ''actors'' who made it.
watch the video and feel free to share your thoughts with us.