Stunt double of Bruce Lee 😳

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No doubt that Bruce lee was an incredible martial artist and actor, and he became a real icon and an inspiration for many people around the world.

His movies are always amazing to watch and do not get old, maybe because the work Lee and his team were doing was something different than what the audience was watching. 
However, many people do not know that Bruce had a stunt double that was helping him to do some extra techniques when filming. 
The double stunt man was physically similar to Bruce Lee and of course a talented martial artist.

The stunt name was Yuen Wah and he was born in 1950, he was 10 years younger than Bruce lee.
Many people martial artists and fans see Bruce lee as a super fighter, which is close to reality but Bruce Lee is not complete, because no one is perfect and perfection does not really exist.
It is so clear that Bruce Lee can not do flips which is okay 100% because acrobats are something outside martial arts.

Yuen wah was the stunt double who replace Bruce Lee to do the back flips, and if you have watched Bruce Lee movies, you can check the flip above the Shaolin monks in Enter Dragon after the fight with Samo Hung, and also when Lee was fighting against Bob Wall.



  1. It was just one thing that Bruce Lee could not do the rest he could do

    1. No big deal. Acrobatics aren't a Martial arts requirement. It can look good during a choreographed show/film, but that's all.

  2. Strange physiquely not seem Bruce Lee in this scene of enter of dragon

  3. Well lee great at his work

  4. So in shot you're saying that the man in enter the dragon 🐉🐲 was not Bruce lee?!!! To me i can't differentiate

  5. I don't understand all this you say