Steven seagal says he was Bruce Lee's friend! Was he lying???

9:14:00 AM Tkd kwan 4 Comments

This is really shocking to hear the famous actor Steven Seagal telling this about Bruce Lee. 

He said that he was a friend of him (Seagal was 21 when Bruce Lee died). 
Seagal also said that his son was the same age as Bruce Lee's son Brandon. 
When Brandon was born, Seagal was 13 years old 🙄🙄..
Seagal first marriage was un 1975, which was two years after BruceLee's death. 
The question is why does he lie about something like that?? Sometimes people forget that everything is recorded... 

If they were really friends, how come they have no single picture together?? 
Ok let's just watch the video👇


  1. I seriously think the guy has psychiatric problems.

  2. Porque hace Aikido 😂😂😂

  3. Guy is a joke! Punch him once and the world will see.

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