Strip Tae Tease

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Picture from YouTube video
It seems that WT would allow anything, this
show was a shame for Taekwondo community, especially because this demonstration looks like it was composed in a nightclub. Besides including those dirty dances and no Taekwondo techniques, these girls cloths are exposing the body shape in a dirty way (tight and thin)

Taekwondo as we knew it brought principles and philosophies that have roots from old Korean culture is nowadays getting rid of them 😔
We are not here to attack anyone in person, but we think that people who supposed to protect Taekwondo tradition are the ones destroying it. 

                                            watch this


  1. And they wonder why other martial artists laugh at TKD?

  2. Taekwondo has become an embarrassment in the traditional martial arts world.

  3. I dont see the problem, most martial arts are just a show anyway.

  4. What on earth? Look, if you are considering Taekwondo, this is NOT it. To call this crap is an insult to crap

  5. Also, the advert for American Dragon is off putting as well, as it is run by a fraudulent figurehead who has had his rank stripped by the KHF for dirty dealings and extreme dishonesty. If you can control your ads, I’d recommend ensuring that nothing attached to Richard Hackworth is allowed on your site.

  6. I wondered what this was from the start.
    In my sense and point of view, this is an embarrassment to the art and philosophy of taekwondo.

  7. EXTREMELY disgusting and disgrace to Korea. Gra

  8. Só sei dizer uma coisa...os Coreanos da WT, estão a destruir o Taekwon-Do.
    É uma vergonha, e uma falta de respeito por milhares de Mestres e milhões de praticantes, que deram o melhor das suas vidas, para dignificar o menos, respeitem os vosssos antepassados 😔😟😤😡😠

  9. I am guessing that the demonstration was for entertainment purposes only. No need to hate on the ladies. I believe that they may have taken time to choreograph the demonstration. It was to keep the crowd entertained while the real athletes prepared for their competition. Think of them as the Korean Taekwondo Cheerleaders. Kinda like the Laker Girls or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

  10. Welcome to the 21st Century. Girls are allowed to look sexy and athletic. This is healthy conpared to the alternatives out there.

  11. Is not Taekwondo without the "Tenets". We are capable of many other great things also.
    1 Courtesy
    2 Integrity
    3 Perseverance
    4 Self-control
    5 Indomitable spirit