Which one is stronger and faster?

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          The meaning of this video isn't to show that a certain martial art is better than another. 
This is a scientific study about the kicks in several martial arts, including Taekwondo, Capoera, Karate and Kick Boxing. With the help of some electronic devices they will ser which martial art's kick is stronger and faster (power and speed). 

Of course the study should not ignore some factors that would make a very big difference between these athletes. 
1- Age: athletes should be at least in the same age category. W
2-Weight: a heavy athlete's kick can deliver more power than a light athlete, but the heavy weight athlete's kick would be slower in its speed compared to a light athlete. 

3- the third important factor is the level of each athlete because the martial artist can show a good or a bad image about their fighting style. 
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