New 14 poomsae created! AGAIN

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             Here we go again, Taekwondo is always changing, and it seems that the world Taekwondo habit is becoming contagious, and he we can see that Kukkiwon is following the same steps, but honestly we hope it would be a positive move.
lets go to the main topic
A total of 14 new poomsae again were created for the adult population (not kids), 8 poomsaes will be for color belts, and 6 poomsaes will be for black belts.

   The demonstration of these poomsaes event was hosted by the Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Headquarters on June 5th, 2019.
These new poomsaes will be applied to the kukkiwon promotion test if they approve them. and the question is who will approve them?? of course not people who practice taekwondo around the world..
Right now we still did not get any videos about how they look like, there were only few pictures, but they do not give any idea how the new forms (poomsaes) look like.