Do you know Taekwondo? (Full South Korean movie)

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Do You Know Taekwondo?

It is a South Korean television film starring Im Ji-kyu, Niel, and Han Yeo-reum. It aired on October 7, 2012 as part of Drama Special, a weekly program on KBS2 showing short dramas, with each episode having a different story, cast, director, and writer.

Im Ji-kyu as Yoon Do-hyeon
Niel as Choi Myeong-seong
Han Yeo-reum as Won-seon
Kim Hee-won as Kwang-hyeon
Kim So-young as Han-na
Yoon Park as Seok-ho
Gi Ju-bong as Teacher Im
Lee Chae-eun as Hyeon-jin
Nam Tae-bo as Jeong Tae-ho
Choi Min-soo as Do-hyeon's father
Lee Dae-hoon as Rising star Do-hyeon