I can hit you before you hit me 💥

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Bruce lee was a legendary martial artist, who started learning wing chun with grand master Yip Man. 
He was a real hard worker in his trainings, which turned his body into a piece of art. 
Later he founded his style known as Jeet Kune Do. 
He inspired many athletes and different generations, including non martial artists. Which makes him one of the most influencing people in the world. 

Bruce Lee's speed was proven by challenging professional martial artists. 
In this video you can see some of Bruce's old footages that show his impressive techniques. 


  1. Why not mention that he trained with Tae Kwon Do master Jhoon Rhee? He and Chuck Norris taught him about Korean kicking.

  2. Good technique is initiate from a relaxed position and does not telegraph. Also , it was started before opponent even thought of reacting. Keep training..

  3. Bruce's words and action still inspire me...