I can hit you before you hit me 💥

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Was Bruce Lee the fastest ever martial artist ever lived? This icon devoted his life to improve his fighting style and skills, and the hard training was his life style, and even with the serious back injury he had during his life, he believed him self and did not believe what the doctors have said.  
He succeeded to come back to his training and his normal life.
Bruce lee was a legendary martial artist, who started learning wing chun with grand master Yip Man. 

He inspired many athletes and different generations, including non martial artists. Which makes him one of the most influencing people in the world. 
He was a real hard worker in his training, which turned his body into a piece of art. 
Later he founded his style known as Jeet Kune Do.
Bruce Lee speed was unbelievable and even the camera sometimes do not catch the full movements, and with the technology available at the time, Bruce Lee had to slower his movements so that the audience can see that clearly, because if he was performing the techniques with his normal speed, the fights on the movie wont look good at all. Just imagine if you watching a blurry fight of Bruce lee :) That will not be entertaining at all. 

We came across some footage online and to be honest, we are not sure if they were edited or it is the original film.
In those tapes the speed is simply too much, and both hand techniques such punches or kicks movements were too fast.
Besides the camera prove, Bruce Lee's speed was proven by challenging professional martial artists who failed to block his attack even with over a meter distance, like that kind of challenge with the karate master.

we have found this rare video where you can see some of Bruce's old footage that show his impressive fast techniques. 
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  1. Why not mention that he trained with Tae Kwon Do master Jhoon Rhee? He and Chuck Norris taught him about Korean kicking.

  2. Good technique is initiate from a relaxed position and does not telegraph. Also , it was started before opponent even thought of reacting. Keep training..

  3. Bruce's words and action still inspire me...