Taekwondo..What a show!

1:09:00 PM Tkd kwan 5 Comments


  1. Those are NOT Black Belts. They are Green Belts that stole someones Black Belt.

    1. Its the instructors fault...They have no idea other than what they have been told/taught. They really need to start breaking classes into "Family Martial Arts" and "Traditional" Martial Arts...lots of "Paper Dragons"

  2. The problem isn't the student and no one should be insulting them. The problem is the teacher. This is his failure, or hers. promotions do not happen without the teacher both setting the parameters of promotion and promoting when even basics are not met. In the commercial world, a few "gifts" can be allowed, but not at the level they are supposed to be performing at. I feel sorry for students paying money to gain nothing but an illusion. What they know can get them killed or hurt.

  3. Do not laugh at older people!! They are not that flexible...
    The "master" is the blame in all scenes. Seemingly he "taughts" only for money. Also the style is curious, they mix Hyongs and Taeguk...