Taekwondo amazing skill- Kubra Dagli

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The objective of this article is to warn about some wrong behaviors and acts that we can notice in sports and Taekwondo events.
It is true that sports and martial arts communities are trying their best to educate people to get rid of all acts that may cause damage to the human values.
Sometimes when we post pictures or videos of female Taekwondo athletes wearing Hijab for examples, We can see that some people are posting rude comments and attacking the freedom of people.
We are living in a free world and everyone can wear whatever they like and we have No tolerance for discrimination, hate or racism.  
I sometimes why those people criticizing ''Hijab'' say nothing about athletes covered by tattoos everywhere in their bodies and faces, This has only one unique meaning, which hate against a certain category of people, which says that they are judging others  through Double standards.
Taekwondo is open for everyone and no one has the right to exclude others because they have other beliefs or religions.
We have seen many rude and ugly comments on the social media plat forms, and those people did not seem to be ashamed for posting their rude comments.
We thought to share with you the video of a successful female Taekwondo athlete who competes in Taekwondo events while wearing her Hijab, and as many other athletes who follow Islam religion, the cloth on their head did not make any issue, and it seems that those who post ugly comments have issues and probably need help.
The Turkish athlete Kubra Dagli for example won a gold medal from the World Taekwondo Championships in 2016, and she is active on social media especially Instagram platform, and she has almost half million of fans from different countries. She is also sponsored by well known brands and those companies did not have any issue with her scarf or hijab.
Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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  1. I suspect people's comments aren't so much directed at the hajab wearer as they are at a repressive (to women) society that requires it.