Tips about Taekwondo Speed

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Taekwondo is a very reputed martial art for its effective, fast and beautiful kicks. Mastering its techniques requires a very hard and correct training.
In this post we would talk about speed and see the factors that help the trainee to be fast by decreasing the time needed to hit a target (the opponent’s head gear or chest protector)

Mastering the Basics
Before aiming to increase and develop your speed you should first master the basic taekwondo techniques because it is not correct to be fast with a wrong technique.

A good Flexibility
The next task you have to work on is increasing your flexibility; this will help you to make the response of joints and muscles much easier and faster and also a good flexibility would reduce the risk of injury.


Kicking many times (same kick) in every training session is also important, and it would help to increase the kicking speed day after day.

While working with a partner or using a target, try to perform kicks as quick as possible (avoid full speed), and you should be more relaxed and not using much power when kicking.

Reaction exercises
To have a perfect reaction means to have a quick response when your opponent attacks you.
There are many exercises that you can do with a partner to fasten your reactions (without accessories), but there are also tools that you can use but unfortunately some are very expensive and not in the reach of everyone, such as fitlights.
Fitlights system is used by many athletes in several disciplines and sports, and proved that it helps a lot.

Using Accessories (weights)
You can use weights on your ankles for your training, this will make the kicking training harder, but it would increase your speed.
Once you train with ankle weights, your muscles get used to carry more weight than usual. After you take off the weight, you can practice the same kicks and you will notice how comfortable and fast you feel during the practice.
Please avoid this method of training if you are injured in your knees or ankles, or if your articulations are too weak to handle more weight.

(please do not use heavy weights to avoid injuries)
    Example of Ankle weights

Changing kicking positions
There are many starting positions that a taekwondo practitioner uses to perform a kick, some of these positions make the kicks easier while others make it harder, and that is why you should try to kick from deferent angles and also distances.

Work on Taekwondo Endurance
It is not correct to aim kicking faster without having a good stamina, which is why you should work to improve your endurance as well. With a great stamina you would be able to kick faster than your opponent. If you get too tired and your opponent has a good stamina, you would be kicked as a training bag J

Gym work out
Muscle work out in the gym is needed and your work better be based on several repetitions better than few repetitions per set.

Aiming the speed would not be possible with weak muscles.
Increasing your kicking Speed should be supported by a great endurance (stamina) and also with a good power and strength to guarantee the kicks effectiveness.
We hope this is going to help you.
Good luck

                                 By Master S.E.H