Do you use Korean terminology in your Taekwondo Dojang?

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 In few countries, some Dojangs do not use the Korean terminology when practicing taekwondo techniques and they are using their native languages such as English to describe techniques.
Using your own language to name taekwondo techniques does not break any Taekwondo rules, but wouldn't be better if you could learn some Hangul notions while practicing this Korean martial art?? I am sure most of you would like to get both of them at the same time.

Using the Korean terminology in Dojangs is helping to save the traditional way of teaching, and it unites the global taekwondo family.
Taekwondo is not only a martial art but also a culture.
Some Taekwondo grand masters who were ambassadors from Korea to the world were not speaking the languages of the new hosting countries. They brought taekwondo with them in the Korean version; they had a very tough mission because they had to teach the martial art’s techniques and also teach the terminology. 
Well, nothing is impossible and the mission was perfectly accomplished, and Millions of people in the world learned the Korean martial art and also knew most taekwondo terminology in Hangul (Korean language).

Nowadays, the kukkiwon host some events such as the international master/instructor course, where you may be taught taekwondo basics and techniques by many impressive grand masters, and it happens that some of those grand masters do not speak good English but definitely they 'speak' a great taekwondo.
By the way, I have talked to my Korean grand master once, and I said: whenever I call the kukkiwon to ask about something, I get communication problems, and I asked him why the Kukkiwon is not hiring people who are good in English? His answer made me smile, he said: because Koreans who speak good English are not good in Taekwondo.

 I have been in Korea and I attended some taekwondo trainings in the kukkiwon and in other academies, and there were cases when some grand masters do not speak English, and to be honest I could say there were no issues concerning learning process, because knowing Taekwondo terminology made the task much easier.

                                By Master S.E.H


  1. I try to teach Taekwondo using the korean name for any techic as I learned from my teacher, but I think that the WTF should indicate a universal Taekwondo terminology that can be used worldwide,and can unify the knowledge and teaching of Taekwondo.

  2. Improvement of any sport depends so much on the innovation. And innovation depends on freedom of thoughts. I disagree with you that we need to havie one language for Taekwondo techniques understanding the Korean terminology is important but should not be the only language

  3. I prefer the Korean terminology, is more universal

  4. I prefer the Korean terminology, is more universal

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  6. In due respect to the origin Korean terminology should be learn and applied, for teaching purposes other languages may be your used but as part of interpretation for the trainee to understand.

  7. Impressive!!!...
    Will try to teach by this method...