A short interview with GM Lee Kwan Young

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GM Lee (born in 1946 in Seoul Korea) is a kukkiwon 9th Dan in taekwondo and also a Hapkido 9th Dan, he was the first master to bring taekwondo to France in 1969.

He is the founder of Hoshin Moo Sool which is a self deffence based on Hapkido and taekwondo.
Kwan Jang Nim Lee is a student of the founders of the Chun Do Kwan (Great GM Um Un Kyu, Lee Won Kook and Park Hae Man).
GM Lee got his Hapkido 9th Dan directly from the founder of the new hapkido GM Ji Han Jae. He is al so a Judo 5th Dan.
We (WTFP) ask GM Lee to answer some of our questions and he accepted. We do really appreciate his kindness.
Here is a part from our short interview.

World Taekwondo Family Admin: What do you think about calling Taekwondo as the Korean Karate? Is this name correct?
GM Lee Kwan Young: The nomination Korean karate started in United states after 1955 by Korean experts to advertise for the Korean martial art, because the Japanese karate was known before 1950.
 The name Taekwondo was officially began by the birth of the Korea Taekwondo assossiation in 1960.
Before 1960, there were many dojangs using Tang/Dang Soo Do, or Gong Soo Do (Gong mean empty, Soo means hand) while Other dojangs used Soobak Do.

    WTFA: Who named taekwondo? Choi Hong Hi? 
  GM Lee: No, the appellation Taekwondo was proposed by the Korean president Lee Seng Man, when Choi Hong Hi organized 
    a demonstration for the president birthday.

WTFA: What do you think about Taekwondo progress?
GM Lee: There is a noticeable progress in the sports side of taekwondo especially in kyorugi and the Olympic taekwondo, but the traditional practice stopped since 1975.

WTFA: Do you think taekwondo will become a sport instead of a martial art?
GM Lee: It is better to develop taekwondo into three categories:
    - A combat sport for young people
  - The traditional taekwondo for those who do not seek  medals but a good health.

 - The artistic side through poomsae or creation of som dance.

WTFA: If you had a chance to lead the world taekwondo federation, what will you change?
GM Lee: WTF has nothing to change except regulation problems, for example in poomsae they have to create categories based on heights of players, because the techniques performed by small athletes look much better than those performed by giant people J, you can see that clear in gymnastics competitions!

This is a part of our small interview with Grand Master Lee Kwan Young. we are fortunate to hear the history according to his vision.

Special thanks to him from WTF Team.

                                                 By the WTFP Admin