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Taekwondo has been invaded by some other disciplines that look so exotic to this martial art.
  Those external sorts of sports seem to have a powerful effect on the image of taekwondo, We hear some critics that says that we practice Ballet not a martial art.. we have nothing against ballet at all, we do respect all kind of martial arts and sports, but it is offending to hear someone underestimate what we do. 
At a certain point we may find a way to understand what their critics are based on, but it is never a reason to allow anyone to say such things.

Taekwondo Dance and Taekwondo aerobics
Lately, Taekwondo Dance and Taekwondo aerobics became included in some Taekwondo competitions and events such as Hanmadang festival or even international championships.
It is true that taekwondo aerobics and taekwondo dance entertain the public audience especially new taekwondo practitioners, but it is also showing a wrong idea and blurry image about the Korean martial art. By the way, Dance or aerobics are good, but once you mix them with a martial art, you get an ugly mixture.
The dance or aerobics sometimes make the Taekwondo demonstration fluid and far away of being a martial art show, because these two disciplines simply do not have much in common with Taekwondo. Some would say that Taeykkyun for example include few movements similar to dancing, it is true, but those movements there are not for a demonstration purpose but for the fighting objectives.

Also in these last years, we have noticed the touch of acrobatic movements in taekwondo demonstrations, and of course it is a real entertainment for the public, and most of those acrobatic movements are used in Kyukpa (breaking), which make it more impressive.
but sometimes acrobatics take the biggest part of a taekwondo demonstration time, which makes it look like a show of acrobatics that include weak taekwondo techniques!

 Developing taekwondo is an amazing thing, and it is always great to renew the martial art as long as it does not affect the Basic pillars of this discipline.

We have nothing against dance, aerobics nor acrobatics, but we care about the content of our martial art. can you imagine 
the reaction if someone tried to integrate Taekwondo in Ballet or dance?? this could be appreciated by few, but would get a huge objection from many.
Cross-fertilization and exchange between sports and disciplines  give good results sometimes, but in this case of a martial art with another different discipline, the one that will be affected in a dramatic way will be Taekwondo.
There could be few reasons behind this kind of ''modernization'' such as spreading the discipline, gain more audience or new practitioners, but the Korean art is already popular, and with 9,000,000 black belts around the world, it sounds that it is already very known, and it does not make any sense to damage taekwondo image or make extra work for some goals which were already achieved!

*Taekwondo is Taekwondo*

                                  By Master S.E.H


  1. oh shut the fuck up

  2. Need more ild tradition show like just kyorugi on the show kicking the focuser/soft target/small target/ hand-mit

  3. Didn't Mr Jhoon Rhee promote "martial ballet"?

    It also doesn't help when certain leading TKD organisations basically have K-pop break dance routines.

  4. Practise the taekwondo you love, traditional or demo! There is always something to learn with cross disciplines

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