The relation between food and Connective Tissues

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       Most Taekwondo practitioners, including masters and students are familiar with topics related to ligaments and tendons injuries, because the practice of this martial art is tough, and injuries occur for many reasons, such as the huge load of training, 
or inappropriate practice, or many other reasons.

In this article we would talk about food and its relation with ligaments and tendons.

First, you should know that ligaments and tendons are flexible bands that helps to connect organs to each other, in order to keep stability and to make each movement easier and simple.
The ligaments role is to connect the cartilage and bones to organs and joints, while the tendons role is to connect the muscle to the bone, which means that any tear or damage in anyone of them would directly affect the regular movements and motions.
In case if injury, the individual is recommended to get rest immediately, ice, compression and elevation (RICE).
Besides, some food can also help the tendons and the ligaments 
to heal faster, and here we would mention few of them.

Fish (Omiga 3 fatty acids)

Many studies proved that consuming Omiga 3 helps to promote heart health and may reduce the inflammation related to connective tissue injuries (ligaments and tendons).

We recommend consuming certain fish in case of injuries associated with connective tissues, such as salmom, herring, mackerel, sardine and alcaore tuna, these example of fish are rich of Omiga 3 fatty acids.

Fruits (Vitamin C)

The antioxidant Vitamin C that exists in colorful fruits helps the ligaments and tendons to heal. It helps to reduce the inflammation, strengthen the immune system against diseases and infections.
Here we cite few examples of fruits rich in Vitamin C:
 Orange, strawberries, kiwi, grapefruit, guava, papaya…

Vegetables (Vitamin C)

Some vegetables are also rich in vitamin C, such as green bell peppers, broccoli, tomato, spinach… besides the vitamin C, these vegetables are rich in protective nutrients that the human body needs.

Other food

Other food that helps the connective tissues include flaxeed and walnut, they contains also some amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.
Flaxeed provide some fibers which may decrease the appetite and as a results it helps the individual lose some weight, because 
the weight increase the damage in the connective tissues
 The natural food helps our bodies to recover and heal faster, and we emphasize the use of natural food because it is simply irreplaceable, and the Taekwondo practitioner should consume natural food, including fruits, vegetables daily.

Stay healthy

Good luck
                                                     By Master S.E.H