Taekwondo and the revolutionary accessories and technology devices

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Taekwondo as a modern martial art was a simple self-defense discipline when it comes to practice, and it did not require so many tools to practice it, and all you needed was a white Dobok (uniform) and few pads in your gym. 
It was the traditional way when the teaching methods were so simple and based on few tools and the student's commitment to the martial art and also their personal efforts to reach better levels in taekwondo.

Nowadays, when you visit a dojang, you get the impression that you are visiting a store of taekwondo accessories instead of a simple old style school. The technology and new training accessories have invaded taekwondo schools, and the new techniques have been invented to increase the athletes performance, therefore, Taekwondo became a new martial art, more dynamic, athletic, and also demonstrative.
Many athletes now train with the help of a revolutionary technology devices and also new accessories that were invented to take the competitors (in Kyurogi for example) to the next level.

       New training accessories:

     Pads, targets … and bags: They are at hand for most schools and athletes because they are less expensive and they are used a lot during the regular training or during the preparation, and there is no way to replace them by anything else, except if you have a partner who can make a sacrifices to be kicked.
This types of accessories help the athlete to perform kicks toward targets that replicate the legitimate scoring areas in the opponent.

    Speed cones, ankle weights… and Elastic resistance training: Used by athletes to increase their speed and resistance

       Technology devices:

There are many devices used for Taekwondo training, especially for the advanced athletes who compete in high levels.

   Fitlight: This could be seen as one of the most revolutionary ways of training in Taekwondo. Other sports are using this method too, and it seems that it is getting more popular due to its benefits.

Fitlight system is helping the athlete to gain a perfect reaction time, Agility, speed and coordination.
This wireless reaction system could be composed of 4 or 8 lights, and the user (athlete) should deactivate lights (targets) once they are on, by using his hands, feet.. (it depends on the discipline and the objective) 
Not all schools can afford to get this kind of technology because it is quiet expensive!

   Gym Equipment: Athletes who compete in high level, should not limit their training to the Dojang, because they need to use weights and also do cardio exercises on machines.
the athletes should strength their muscles (to support their articulations especially knees ), and also do more cardio exercises for a good stamina.

As a conclusion, we may say that the new technology and new accessories used in Taekwondo training, had a big role in changing the image of Taekwondo by increasing the performance of athletes, especially in sparring (kyorugi)

Thank you for reading this article :)

Good Luck

Good Luck
                                                                                  By Master S.E.H


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