Important tips for Taekwondo practitioners

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  The success in taekwondo would be in reach if the trainee respects few rules and train correctly, not everyone attending taekwondo classes would be good at it or master its techniques, there are many mistakes that students commit without even paying attention or without knowing them.
Here are few tips of what you should do:

Train regularly three or four times per week
 Most of people do not put Taekwondo as a priority in their week plan, and they complain about their busy life and other commitments. 
Practicing taekwondo once a week is not enough to learn taekwondo techniques, or or increase your stamina.
The student should make taekwondo as a priority in the week plan and has to train regularly.

Do not practice your favorite techniques only
  Having favorite techniques is a normal thing for every taekwondo practitioner, but the wrong thing is to keep practicing your favorite techniques and forget about others. The practice of a kick or any technique is the key of learning and mastering them, that is why the students should train all techniques in their training program.


 The student should be 100% mentally focused during the training in order to have a good control and precision while practicing techniques. 

Avoid training excess
 The trainee should not cross the limits during the training and has to avoid getting too tired, because this could lead to a serious injuries.

Focus on mastering basics of taekwondo

 Some students try to learn advanced techniques while they are still struggling with basic techniques. 
Sometimes new students get impressed when they see black belt holders performing some beautiful kicks or do some superior poomsaes (forms), and they try to learn those advanced techniques because practicing the basic techniques seems to be boring for them!
Taekwondo students have to spend time practicing the basics in order to master them. 

Ignoring the fundamental techniques of taekwondo would make you end up as a bad black belt.

The trainee should relax during the training, and has to breathe deeply when kicking or punching. Weak breathing means insufficient oxygen intake which may cause dizziness and low energy.
Go early to your training
 Going too late to taekwondo training means missing the warm up and stretching part, and this would affect the whole training session, because it is a fundamental part in the taekwono training.

Train both sides the same way (right and left)
 In most dojangs, it is noticeable that some students can use their right side better than the left one or the opposite, and this is a result of the imbalanced training.

The student should train the weakest side much more to improve it.

I hope these few tips would help you to progress in your training.
good luck

                                        By Master S.H.E.M


  1. I train 3 hours a week and will work on techniques I struggle with to prepare for my black belt next year. These are good tips.

  2. Thanks for you comment :)
    Good luck Grace (y)

  3. my coach is not so serious when training me n my friends..thts why, we only have training once a week and its only 30 minutes! in 30 minutes, we only do poomsae, we dont do strength, speed and agility training or kicking training unless there's a tournament coming up..and fyi, there is only about 1 or 2 tournaments in a year.. since i joined the club, i've only participate in 1 tournament..and thx for the lack of training, i got am i going to learn real taekwondo? any tips on doing self-training? really need help here

    1. I'd find another dojang, if I were you.

    2. Training by yourself can be very good as long as your dedication to it is strong. There are a lot of quality videos on YouTube. I moved to the country and occasionally make it to the big city to practice at the Dojang. Make an area in your home for practicing and make it your Dojang. Make a routine and stick to it until you are ready to add to it. If you need a routine or two just ask and I can set one up according to your experience.

  4. Dear Felizmy,
    Unfortunately one session of 30 minutes per week is nothing, and it is not enough even as a physical activity, also the poomsae is not the only component of Taekwondo.
    This 30 minutes per week can not qualify the trainee to compete not to master techniques.
    In case you have other tkd schools in you area, then I would advice you to pick a good school and a good master, that would be the real start.
    but in case it is the only one you have there, then i suggest that you do extra training sessions with your friends with the help of training videos you can find on internet. but keep safety as a priority.
    Good luck

    Master S.E.H

  5. Dear @Tkd_Kwan

    I Hope You Still Upload Video Via Page! Cuz When You Post Sth is Blog it's hard to read or watch sth you posted!!! or you change the Template!!! Some Of Us Open Your Website via phone so it's could be hard.

    Whit Love Thanks.
    -Meng Khong-
    (A Trainer Which Is Yellow Belt)

    1. Thank you Meng for your comment, can you please tell us more about the issues when you open the link? We are working more to make the website better. besides, we are posting videos in both Page and Website. regards

  6. Excellent advice, thank you for posting!

    I started taking Taekwondo last year when I turned 50. I enjoy finding a great source of information like your website!

    I am able to attend two classes a week with excellent instruction. If my schedule allowed, I would go to more classes. I find adding one extra workout on Saturdays by myself working on stances, kicks and forms, etc helps a lot. I think if I could add anything to what is share here I would say I find thinking about forms at times in my head, running through them, helps me to remember them better. Even picturing how to do a kick properly. Then when I am actually practicing, I don't need to waste time trying to remember, I just have to work on my body following what is already in my head.

    Many thanks,
    David (currently Green Belt)

    1. Thank you David for your comment. Keep up the good work (y)

  7. it is a nice guide for beginners to understand some aspects. Only thing i would've added was the importance of stretching especially in TKD it is one fundamental aspect.
    I've seen many people practicing TKD kicks as they see me do my kicks, they try to imitate it and then injuring himself as they've practiced sometimes other Martial Arts and think it's the same. In worst case muscles rip apart and you have hell of a pain in best case :D
    On the other hand if you're stretched and your muscles elastic you can generate the impact force in faster ways

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are right, Students should not kick higher than what their flexibility allow. Improving flexibility comes first before kicking higher.

    2. My old coach used to ask, "How high is a 'high' kick?" If you said "head height", he'd ask if you could kick head height. "A high gh kick is as high as you can kick".

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  9. I believe this is true not only in TKD training. But in all training martial arts or anything. I train 7 days a week all round. I read, I research, I workout in the gym, & I practice martial arts. I do ALL these things daily. And I'm still learning. Currently a Tang Soo Do practitioner hoping to begin TKD under master log in the near future.

  10. I want to tell you about my story with Taekwondo. I started training taekwondo in 1992 at the age of 21 but I didnot perservere. I used to train three times a week for a month or two, and then stopped because of financial problems. I did not train regulary and did not attend any promotion tests. I trained, stopped , trained again and stopped... till 2001 when I started working. I trained again and got the yellow belt and wanted to continue but the coach moved to another region and the club was closed, so I stopped for three years. Then, I moved to another region in 2006 and wanted to train. The first day I went to the club I had an accident with my car. So I stopped training for about a year. Then, I bought a new car and wanted to go to the club again but the following day my car was stolen, so I stopped again. In 2010 I moved to a new place and bought a new car. I started training MMA for three months and we had the REVOLUTION in Tunisia, so all the clubs throughout the country were closed for one year. In 2012 I suddenly met my first instructor who gave me the yellow belt in 2002. So I took my son (6 years old) and my daughter (8years old) to the club to start training again at the age of 41. Some people laughed at me saying: "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks" but I neglected them and continued training for three years. My daughter got her black belt in Taekwondo, my son and I got our red belt with black stripes at the age of 43. Then, my coach moved to another region but I did not give up. I donloaded hundreds of videos form youtube, asked help from my korean facebook friends and masters. They all advised me NOT to stop. I trained five days a week for more than three hours each session (kicking, punching, basic techniques, poomsae and stretching).I was good at all of them except stretchingbecause of my age. Now, I am stretching daily for two hours (after lunch) , and practising taekwondo for two hours(at night). I attended the Belt promotion test on May, 29, 2016 and I MADE IT.Thank God, I am now a BLACK BELT at the age of 45(after a long journey of 24 years). I loved Taekwondo and I still love it. So,I advise all practioners: DO NOT GIVE UP.

    1. your stories were so epic n you are so persevere. i began at 38yo with kidz are around me together start d white belt. some their parents laughing at me especially during d test but yet i get honored by master after 18 months he considered me for d black test. Keep it up my friend

  11. I just want to add to the point of focussing on mastering the basics: after you've mastered the basics and have your black belt, Keep Practicing the Basics! By the time you hit black belt, you can see all the little ways you can improve your basic techniques, who knows? you may be called upon to teach the beginners those basics, and, in my opinion, a good at home workout would include mostly basics, since generally, you would want your senior instructor around when practicing more advanced techniques, so I would save such practice for class-time

  12. guys, i began my white class at 38yo, following 3x/week, did a lots of homework/practises/flexy training everyday.After 18months i was considered by master going for black test. Just be passion n patient

  13. Thank you all for your support. I also want to add something. Last week I started training "Viet Vo Dao". My new coach encouraged me so much. I am now cross-training taekwondo with Viet Vo Dao. It's a new experience. I am really enjoying them.

  14. Great to read some of the replies to this post as I have just started my taekwondo journey at the age of 37, and wasn't sure if I was to old! With all the support out there for taekwondo ( and all other martial arts ) it has me believing even more so that I have made a great choice!
    Thanks all!

  15. i trained for 4 years in the university,wanted to learn everything i could since i was soon going to go back home,thus train on myself.
    i now have an international blackbelt..and my journey in taekwondo has just begun.

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  17. Just as customary boxing strategies (pokes, snares, crosses, dodging and weaving and so on), you will likewise gain proficiency with an assortment of kicks, the majority of which get from Taekwondo in style. Truth be told, numerous Taekwondo clubs will likewise run their own Kickboxing clubs, as the two styles compliment each other great.If you want your child to make it to the top - teach how to go the extra mile

  18. Worry To tell you that guys , even if you train harder your weak side it Will never get string as your predominent one. After 33 years of taekwondo , i can tell you that you have a good side and a very good side in this martial art . Be patient and train regularly, you Will atein your goal

  19. Where the head goes the body will follow

  20. I started way too late in TKD, started it when I was 42. I'm still a 7 geup yellow belt. It's true, at an older age, flexibility is difficult.