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Kombat Taekwondo announces the world’s first Professional Taekwondo Black Belt Certification Program

12:44:00 PM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

 Kombat Taekwondo announced their own black belt and they posted the requirements in their website. We are not advertising for them but we are just sharing it with you.

 Kombat Taekwondo has introduced the groundbreaking Professional Taekwondo Black Belt Certification Program, making it the first of its kind in the world. Applicants can now submit their KT Black Belt Certificates application through the KTMS "Kombat Taekwondo Membership System" Member Login portal.

Through the KT Member Dashboard, all KT Licensed Club Owners, known as "the Recommender", can now apply for KT Black Belt Dan Certificates and/or KT Black Belt Conversion Certificates for students who are actively training in a KT Licensed Club. The Recommender can enter up to 8 KT Black Belt Dan applications or KT Black Belt Conversion applications in each transaction.

The process for applying for KT Black Belt Certificates is straightforward:

1. Log in as a KT Member

2. Go to "My Dashboard"

3. Click on "KT Black Belt Certification Application"

4. Read and agree to all KT Terms & Conditions, Price Schedule, and Requirements

5. Enter the Recommender's KT Licensed Club email address and KT Club License #

6. Upload the Recommender's most recent Black Belt Dan Certificate

7. Choose between "KT Black Belt Conversion" or "KT Black Belt Dan Application"

8. Enter all required information accurately and proceed to the payment page.

9. Receive a confirmation email from Kombat Taekwondo after completing the payment for KT Black Belt applications

10. Allow up to 8 weeks for approval and processing, as well as up to 4 weeks for shipping and delivery of the KT Black Belt Certification(s)

KT Black Belt Conversion Certificates are offered at an affordable price to individuals holding Taekwondo Black Belt Certificates from other organizations. The Recommender can apply for KT Black Belt Certificates at the highest rank previously issued by any non-Kombat Taekwondo organizations.

KT Black Belt Dan Certificates are available to applicants who have fulfilled all Taekwondo training requirements set by their KT Licensed Club and have met KT Black belt requirements, including KT Designed Poomsae and Minimum Training Time. Recommenders are authorized to apply for KT Black Belt Dan Certifications up to their own Black Belt dan level.

Take the opportunity to apply for the world's first PROFESSIONAL TAEKWONDO BLACK BELT CERTIFICATE and reach another significant milestone in your Taekwondo journey today.