Youngest 8th Dan (L. Choi 44/Kim 46)

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Lieutenant Colonel Choi Jeom-hyeon, at the age of 44, has become the youngest ever 8th-dan in taekwondo after passing the test held by Kukkiwon, the world’s taekwondo headquarters.

In the martial art world, achieving a high-dan level such as the 8th-dan is a monumental accomplishment reserved for only the most dedicated and skilled practitioners. It requires not only physical fitness but also mastery of poomsae, breaking, combat, and theoretical knowledge.

Choi's journey in taekwondo began at the tender age of five, eventually leading him to major in the art at university and pursue a career as a military trainer. His passion for taekwondo is unwavering, demonstrated by his prolific contributions to the field, including authoring books such as "5000 Years History of Taekwondo."

With eyes set on the future, Choi aims to continue his martial arts journey and possibly challenge the 9th-dan in the years to come. He envisions a future where taekwondo plays a more prominent role in military training, enhancing the skills and discipline of soldiers.

Choi's achievement serves as an inspiration to martial artists and military personnel alike, showcasing the dedication, perseverance, and love for the art that can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

Grandmaster Sung C. Kim, the youngest Grandmaster in the United States and one of the youngest in the world, shares his insights on what it takes to become a Kukkiwon certified 8th Dan Black Belt. In a detailed interview with Marc Zirogiannis, Grandmaster Kim discusses the testing process, the rigorous preparation required, and the immense responsibility that comes with holding such a prestigious rank.

As the esteemed leader of Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute with three locations in the Rochester NY area, Grandmaster Kim emphasizes the role that individual practitioners, Instructors, and Masters can play in shaping positive outcomes for students and society as a whole. He combines traditional values with a forward-thinking approach, leveraging technology to impact practitioners worldwide.

Grandmaster Sung C. Kim embodies the essence of Taekwondo, honoring his family’s legacy while paving the way for the future of the martial art. He is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring martial artists, demonstrating the dedication and commitment required to achieve greatness in the world of Taekwondo.

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  1. Why not, many of these 8th &9th Dan holders just get their title through age rather than ability or accomplishment - Turning into a fat cat organisation holders and titles to claim money and set up their own schools