68-year-old grandmother beaten up badly in the octagon?

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 Regulation in sports is imperative to ensure the safety and fairness of athletes in various aspects such as matchmaking, blood work, pay, and more. Unfortunately, a recent incident involving 68-year-old fighter Ann Perez highlights the importance of proper regulation in combat sports.

Perez, a tough and game fighter, suffered a brutal beating in a Colorado MMA fight last month. Despite her determination to continue fighting, it is evident that her reflexes have slowed with age, posing a significant safety risk. The fight tape clearly shows her struggling to react to her opponent's attacks, indicating that she should not have been allowed to compete at such an advanced age.

The decision by the Colorado boxing commission to sanction Perez's fight was criticized as being wrong and dangerous. This raises concerns about the effectiveness and expertise of regulatory bodies in overseeing MMA events. States like New York, New Jersey, and Nevada also face challenges in ensuring proper regulation due to lack of resources, independence from promoters, and expertise.

Instances of unsanctioned MMA fights pose even greater risks to the safety of athletes. In states where MMA is not legalized, fights may still occur underground without proper oversight and safety measures. This demonstrates the need for comprehensive regulation to protect fighters and uphold the integrity of the sport.

The recent push for the legalization of pro MMA in New York is a positive step towards promoting safety and transparency in combat sports. Despite opposition from some elected officials, regulation is essential to prevent incidents like Perez's fight from happening again. By bringing MMA fights into the light and away from unregulated environments, athletes can be better protected and the sport can thrive in a safer manner.

In conclusion, the case of Ann Perez highlights the importance of stringent regulation in combat sports. Ensuring the safety of fighters should be a top priority for regulatory bodies to prevent unnecessary risks and injuries. By promoting transparency and accountability, proper regulation can safeguard athletes and maintain the integrity of MMA as a competitive sport.