The best Taekwondo fighters in MMA

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There have been numerous taekwondo fighters who have made the transition to MMA and found success in the sport. One notable example is Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, who is known for his high-level taekwondo skills and has become a top contender in the UFC welterweight division.

Thompson began training in taekwondo at a young age and went on to become a multiple-time world champion in the sport. After making the switch to MMA, he quickly made a name for himself with his dynamic striking and unorthodox techniques. Thompson has defeated some of the top fighters in the UFC, including former champion Johny Hendricks and current top contender Jorge Masvidal.  

Another taekwondo fighter who has found success in MMA is Michelle Waterson, also known as "The Karate Hottie." Waterson has a background in both taekwondo and karate, which has helped her develop a diverse striking game. She has competed in various MMA promotions, including the UFC, and has notable wins over fighters such as Paige VanZant and Felice Herrig.

One of the most famous taekwondo fighters to transition to MMA is former UFC champion Conor McGregor. While McGregor is primarily known for his boxing skills, he also has a background in taekwondo and has utilized his kicking techniques effectively in his fights. McGregor became the first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously and has established himself as one of the biggest stars in the sport.

In addition to these fighters, there are many other taekwondo practitioners who have made the transition to MMA and found success. While taekwondo may not be as commonly seen in MMA as disciplines like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai, its emphasis on striking and footwork can be a valuable asset for fighters looking to compete in the sport.

Overall, taekwondo fighters who have made the move to MMA have shown that their skills can be effective in the cage. With the right training and dedication, these athletes have been able to adapt their techniques and find success at the highest levels of competition.