Deleted scene between stalone and his brother

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Sylvester Stallone is synonymous with the character Rocky Balboa, a role he has embodied like no other. The Rocky series continues to be a success, with Sylvester still at the forefront, but it was a deleted scene featuring him and his brother, Frank Stallone, that recently caught the attention of fans. 

In a post on social media, Sylvester shared footage of him and Frank sparring during the filming of Rocky III. He described the intense sessions they would have in between shooting fight scenes, noting that things always got heated between the two brothers. Sylvester admitted that sparring with Frank was not an easy task, as his brother would relentlessly attack him with left hooks, showcasing his great jaw in the process.

During the filming of Rocky III, Sylvester and Frank would spend hours at the gym, training hard with Mr. T. After their grueling sessions with the formidable Mr. T, they would invite volunteers, often studio workers like carpenters and construction workers, to spar with them in the ring. This served as a way for them to stay in shape and push themselves to their limits.
Sylvester recalled the thrill of sparring with much larger opponents, who would often outweigh them by over 100 pounds. Despite the challenge, Sylvester and Frank found ways to outmaneuver their bigger foes, utilizing precise body shots to wear them down. The exhaustion would eventually set in for their opponents, giving Sylvester and Frank the opportunity to showcase their skills in the ring.
Reflecting on those intense sparring sessions, Sylvester dubbed it as a "great era of painful fun." It was a time of pushing boundaries, testing limits, and ultimately, honing their craft as actors and fighters. The deleted scene featuring Sylvester and Frank Stallone's sibling rivalry added a new layer of depth to the Rocky franchise, showcasing the dedication and passion that the Stallone brothers brought to their roles.…