The beast 240 kg vs the beauty 62 kg

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At the Epic Fighting Championship, a shocking cross-gender MMA bout took place, pitting female strawweight fighter Aleksandra Stepakova against the gigantic 240kg man, Grigory Chistyakov. This grotesque intergender bout left MMA fans aghast as footage of the mismatched fight started circulating on social media.
During the fight, Stepakova struggled to deal with the immense size and strength of her opponent. At 29 years old, she had to figure out how to maneuver around and counteract the moves of Chistyakov, who used every inch of his huge frame to smother her against the cage. However, Stepakova managed to break free and return fire with punches and kicks to retaliate against Chistyakov's advances. She even had a brief respite when an audience member ran into the cage and kicked Chistyakov in the back, allowing her to avoid being held down for the remainder of the round.
Despite Stepakova's efforts, she was unable to overcome the significant size difference and the fight ultimately went to the judges' scorecards, with the win going to Chistyakov. MMA fans expressed their disgust on social media, criticizing the promotion for sanctioning such a fight and questioning the state of MMA in Russia.
The bout was not the only shocking fight on the Epic Fighting Championship card. Another WWE-esque handicap match featured a 75-year-old man and his grandson, Vladimir Spartak and Big Igibob, against 28-year-old Yulia Mishko. Despite the two-on-one disadvantage, Mishko emerged victorious, dropping her opponents a combined total of three times.
Epic Fighting Championship's promotion of such unconventional fights came under heavy scrutiny from the MMA community, with many questioning the legitimacy and ethics of the matches. The shocking nature of these bouts only served to heighten the controversy surrounding the event and the promotion itself.
Overall, the cross-gender MMA bout and other unconventional matchups at the Epic Fighting Championship drew widespread attention and criticism, sparking debate about the boundaries and ethics of the sport.