Amanda Nunes Defeats Holly Holm Via TKO to Retain UFC Bantamweight Title

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Holly Holm knocks out Bethe Correia


In the featured bout at UFC Fight Night in Singapore, Holly Holm delivered a stunning knockout to Bethe Correia in the third round, sending her into unconsciousness. Holm, known for her memorable victory against Ronda Rousey with a head-kick, once again showcased her leg expertise by accurately striking Correia's face with her shin.

The initial round witnessed cautious approaches from both fighters, with neither willing to initiate exchanges, resulting in a lack of action that left the audience impatient. As two counter strikers faced off, neither was willing to engage.

The main event of the bantamweight division continued in a similar manner, with feints and occasional body kicks from Holm dominating the scene. In the second round, referee Mark Goddard warned both fighters for their timidity, urging them to make something happen.

Amanda Nunes Defeats Holly Holm 


Out of the blue, Holm unleashed a devastating head kick followed by a punch, abruptly ending the fight. The unexpected finish left the crowd in awe, solidifying Holm's reputation as a skilled and formidable fighter. This impressive victory further cements Holm's place as a top contender in the bantamweight division and showcases her striking prowess once again.

Amanda Nunes showcased her dominance once again as she secured a first-round technical knockout over Holly Holm in the co-main event of UFC 239 in Las Vegas. The Lioness utilized a patient approach to start the round, carefully studying Holm's movements and timing with feints before delivering a devastating head kick that ended the fight early for the former champion.

The initial moments of the fight saw Nunes and Holm engaging in a slow start. Holm primarily utilized leg kicks to keep the fight at a distance, while Nunes attempted to secure a takedown. However, Nunes quickly shifted her focus to her powerful striking, landing heavy blows on Holm. Holm threw a lead leg kick, only to be met with Nunes' decisive head kick, bringing the fight to a sudden conclusion.

With this victory, Nunes solidified her position as the top champion in the women's bantamweight division. This win marked her fourth successful defense of the 135-pound belt, with three of those defenses coming against former division champions. Additionally, Nunes previously achieved the status of a double champ with her remarkable triumph over Cris Cyborg in her last fight. She expressed her desire for a rematch with Cyborg, emphasizing the lack of compelling contenders in the featherweight division.

Nunes also acknowledged the challenge of finding suitable opponents in her native bantamweight division, as she continues to demonstrate her unrivaled prowess in women's MMA. Her remarkable success poses a potential dilemma for the UFC in identifying compelling matchups for the Lioness, as she has rapidly dispatched contenders in her division. Despite her ongoing dominance, Nunes remains open to facing new challenges and is eager to showcase her skills in future bouts.

In essence, Amanda Nunes' relentless reign over the women's bantamweight division not only proves her status as the best fighter in women's MMA but also presents a challenge for the UFC in matching her against worthy opponents. Her exceptional abilities and resounding victories position her at the forefront of the sport, setting the stage for more thrilling matchups in the future.