Chuck Norris signed the 10th Degree certificate for Mr. Ken Gallacher

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 Chuck Norris signed the 10th Degree certificate for Mr. Ken Gallacher, who was promoted to the 10th Degree at ITC 2018 during the Gala.
We came across this old news when chuck Norris rewarded one of his students by a 10th Dan in his style.
Chuck Norris is coming from a Tang Soo Do background, and he founded his own style after cutting ties with Korea.
Ken Gallacher is one of Chuck Norris students, He started training under him in the early 1970s.
10th Dan is mostly rewarded as a honorary certificate in most martial arts and the highest Dan people can test for is the 9th Dan.
Let's give you an idea about the martial art founded by Chuck Norris:
Chun Kuk Do, now known as the Chuck Norris System, is a martial arts hybrid system that was originally created by Chuck Norris. It is a blend of Korean and American martial arts, with its roots based on Norris' Tang Soo Do training in Korea while he was in the military. This system has undergone several name changes over the years but was officially renamed the Chuck Norris System in 2015.
According to the United Fighting Arts Federation, the Chuck Norris System emphasizes excellence and continues to evolve, incorporating aspects of other systems and original elements that make it more complete. The name "Chun Kuk Do" loosely translates to mean "The Universal Way" and in Korean terms, it means "the way of 1000 lands” or “the way of many lands." This reflects the diverse influences and elements that make up this martial arts system.
The system is not a random collection of techniques from different styles, but rather a style with a deeply-rooted traditional foundation that has been enhanced with the addition of various elements that complement its fundamentals. Over the years, Chun Kuk Do has evolved to place an emphasis on self-defense, competition, weapons, grappling, fitness, and more.
Mr. Norris’ competitive fighting career, during which he remained undefeated as the world middleweight karate champion for six consecutive years, was instrumental in shaping the evolution of Chun Kuk Do. Through his commitment to excellence, Norris studied other systems to make his style more effective and well-rounded. This commitment to continuous improvement continues to shape the Chuck Norris System to this day.

The Chuck Norris System is a testament to the evolution of martial arts and the ability of a traditional system to adapt and incorporate new elements while maintaining its core principles. With its diverse influences, emphasis on excellence, and commitment to continuous improvement, the Chuck Norris System stands as a unique and comprehensive martial arts style that reflects the spirit and vision of its founder, Chuck Norris.