RICK ROUFUS a kickboxer who kicks like a Taekwondo fighter

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Rick John Roufus is a retired American kickboxer who has also competed in boxing and mixed martial arts. Throughout his career, Roufus won multiple world championships in several weight classes, holding titles for all the major kickboxing associations worldwide. He is known for his boxing skills and powerful kicks. His father, Pat J. Roufus, was a renowned P.K.A. referee who taught him taekwondo at a young age. Roufus began his professional kickboxing career in his late teens and quickly rose to success, winning his first world title in 1987.

In 1991, Roufus faced Marek Piotrowski in a rematch and won by a second-round knockout from a high kick, reclaiming the ISKA Full Contact Light World title and taking Piotrowski's PKC Full Contact Light Heavyweight World title. He also defended his ISKA Full Contact World Light Heavyweight title against Rob Kaman, initially winning by unanimous decision before a second fight in 1994 which he won by KO. He continued his winning streak, defeating Michael McDonald for the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight World Title and Jean-Yves Thériault for the PKC Full Contact World Light Heavyweight title.

Roufus also entered the world of boxing, winning the WBC Continental Americas cruiserweight title in 1996 by knocking out Sean McClain. However, he was never able to fight for a world championship in boxing and returned to kickboxing after several losses. He emerged victorious at the K-1 USA event in 1998, defeating Pedro Fernandez and Jerome Turcan. In 1999, he won the IKF Pro International Rules Heavyweight World title after defeating Stan Longinidis, who suffered a broken bone in his foot at the end of round 9.
Overall, Roufus has had a successful career in kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts, winning multiple world championships and titles across different weight classes and major kickboxing associations. He is known for his powerful kicks and boxing skills, and his career has been marked by significant wins and achievements in the world of combat sports. Roufus' contributions to the sport have been recognized, as he was inducted into the World Kickboxing League Hall of Fame in 2012 and continues to be involved in fighter development as the Global Director of Fighter Development for PKA Worldwide.