Jean Claude Van Damme talks about his drug addiction

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Untold story

Once considered the epitome of physical perfection, a more solemn Jean-Claude Van Damme has emerged in recent years. No longer veiled in the illusion of a flawless Hollywood life, the action superstar has openly confessed to grappling with personal demons, recounting struggles with drug addiction and relationship tumult. The transformation from an ebullient hero of countless action films to a humbled and contrite man was evident when Van Damme tentatively disclosed his ongoing battle with undisclosed problems on David Letterman's late-night show. This transformation has been a consequence of a series of tribulations, starting with his split from wife Gladys Portugues, culminating to drug-induced episodes, and ultimately, a separation from the woman with whom he pursued an affair, Darcy LaPier.

In one disquieting episode, following the production of the action film "Knock Off", Van Damme found himself on the verge of a fatal cocaine overdose in a hotel room in Hong Kong. It was this disconcerting experience that finally prompted him to acknowledge and take action to reorder his life.  The Herculean effort of pulling himself away from the precipice included undergoing a six-day rehabilitation period following the overdose and culminating in a rekindled romance with Gladys Portugues, the mother of his two children.

Despite the scenes of heartbreak and personal strife, Van Damme's reformed persona has now turned to pull his life together, expressing fondness and admiration for people who have stood by him through this process. Notably, he's faced personal incidents with humility and ownership, including acknowledging a recent scuffle resulting from a drunken night at a topless bar in Los Angeles in February. 

Looking back on his journey, the emotional and candid Jean-Claude now seems to be on the path towards restoration. The glint of vitality which lay dormant in his eyes is making an appearance once more, reinforcing his belief in newfound hope and optimism. Celebrating this coming back to life, these difficult times have led him to a renewed sense of self.
Van Damme professes a faith in the positive turn of events and a revamped outlook on life, forged from the fires of personal turmoil and struggle.