One year and 9 months kicker

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Joshua is a little babe that we can call a little superstar because of what he is doing at a very young age.

Being one year old and be able to perform Taekwondo kicks is simply amazing, and Taekwondo masters know how hard it is to teach kids how to perform roundhouse kicks, sometimes the kids can be four, five or even older than that, and they may be still struggling to do the proper rotation and use the right part of the kicking leg. 

Both his parents are martial artists, The father is a seventh Dan black belt in Taekwondo and the mother is also a Taekwondo black belt. 

Joshua and his parents were invited to Steve's show and the little champion demonstrated his kicks and the show, and successfully could kick objects on the mouth of his father and also Steve who was very funny :)

Kids are born talented and it is easier to teach them because the genetics are also helping much, while others may need much work and attention to teach them, but the fact is that everyone can learn.

In this video, Joshua is only one year and nine months, and during the show they showed a footage where Joshua was kicking and his father said that he was only one year and two months in that footage.

Let's watch the show :)