Australian MMA star Jack Becker broke his leg

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MMA fighter sees UFC move delayed after breaking leg in half during fight

Australian MMA star Jack Becker broke his leg with just seconds in his Eternal lightweight title defense last weekend, which could derail his planned switch to the UFC.

MMA star Jack Becker broke his leg in half following a sickening kick which is now set to delay his planned switch to the UFC.

Becker was defending his lightweight title in MMA promotion Eternal against challenger Aidan Aguilera at the HBF Stadium in Perth. The Australian star had recently signed with the UFC and it was set to be his final outing before making the switch.

However his career plan will now be significantly delayed after a horrifying sequence of events unfolded just seconds into his bout. The pair began the opening round at a fast pace with Aguilera clearly targeting his opponent's left leg by landing some neat inside kicks early on.

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