This boxing girl chalenged this self defense instructor and guess what she forced him to quit.

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This boxing girl called Zhang Meili was playing badminton when she saw a guy teaching some self-defense to some other lady. She was not happy at his techniques and decided to see if he wanted to boxing sparring. 

Let's give a small instroduction about self defense first!

Self-defense can be enhanced through the practice of martial arts. Martial arts are systems of combat techniques and strategies developed for self-defense, physical fitness, discipline, and personal development. Many martial arts styles emphasize self-defense skills as a core component of their training.

By studying martial arts, individuals can acquire various skills and techniques that can be used to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Here are some ways in which martial arts training can contribute to self-defense:

1. Self-defense techniques: Martial arts provide practical and effective self-defense techniques for various situations. These techniques focus on utilizing strikes, kicks, joint locks, throws, and grappling maneuvers to neutralize an attacker and create an opportunity to escape.

2. Situational awareness: Martial arts training often emphasizes the development of situational awareness. This involves being mindful of one's surroundings, recognizing potential threats, and being able to anticipate and respond to them effectively.

3. Reflexes and coordination: Martial arts training enhances physical attributes such as reflexes, coordination, balance, and agility. These qualities are crucial for reacting quickly and effectively to an attack or threat.

4. Confidence and mental strength: Martial arts training can enhance self-confidence and mental resilience. This can be beneficial in self-defense situations, as having confidence in one's abilities can help deter potential attackers and allow individuals to respond assertively if needed.

5. Stress management and discipline: Regular practice of martial arts promotes discipline, focus, and stress management. This can help individuals remain calm and composed during high-pressure situations, enabling them to make better decisions and respond appropriately.

It's important to note that while martial arts training can be valuable for self-defense, it's essential to seek proper instruction from qualified instructors who emphasize realistic self-defense scenarios. Additionally, self-defense training should always prioritize avoiding or de-escalating conflicts whenever possible, as physical confrontation should be a last resort.

To be a master of self defense you have to be good at defending yourself first, before being qualified to teach other people. Unfortunatelly, There are many instructors who claim to be masters but they are for awal to be.

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  1. pointless fight. zhang should mind her own business. he was trying to pick up a girl. the courts weren't even full. leave them be the other girl did not even mind his presence. zhang instigated this and just bc he wasn't as skilled as her does not mean it is her place to 'school' him. there is always someone stronger, someday she will eat humble pie.