Why Jet Li refused Nixon offer to be his bodyguard when he grows up?

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The iconic actor Jet Li revealed something that happened when he was kid during his visit to the United Sates of America. Jet Li was one of the selected students to represent the Chinese Kung Fu national team to perform martial arts demonstrations in USA. 

Jet Li and his team had the chance to perform in the front of the  American president Nixon. Jet Li was only 11 years old at the time.

This is what Jet Li said about the conversation between him and the American president Nixon:

“As I remember, President Richard Nixon stood with one of my female teammates,” Li wrote. “At one point, Nixon turned towards me and said, ‘Young man, your kung fu is very impressive! How about being my bodyguard when you grow up?’'

The martial arts star, who was aged 11 at the time, said he refused Nixon’s offer, explaining, “I don’t want to protect any individual. When I grow up, I want to defend my one billion Chinese countrymen!”

Jet Li said that his answer shocked everyone there at the event, Then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger purportedly broke the “uncomfortable silence” by jokingly stating, “Heavens, such a young boy, and he already speaks like a diplomat!”

Jet Li is celebrated his 60 years old this year on April 26, He is still active in movies but not as we used to see him in his youth.

His recent appearance in movies was in the filming of Mulan that was made in 2020, when he played the role of The Emperor of China.

Early life and martial arts career

Li was born in Beijing, China and was the youngest of two boys and two girls. When he was two years old, his father died and his family then lived in poverty.

Li was eight when his talent for Wushu was noticed as he practiced at a school summer course. He then attended a non-sparring wushu event, followed by joining the Beijing Wushu Team which did a martial art display at the All China Games. Renowned coaches Li Junfeng and Wu Bin made extra efforts to help the talented boy develop. Wu Bin even bought food for Li's family in order to boost Li's protein intake. A very young Li competed against adults and was the national all-around champion from 1975 to 1979.