Adesanya nightmare (Knocked out by the same fighter in different fighting styles)

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 Adesanya lost against this fighter twice in kickboxing one of them was by knockout and now knocked down in the UFC competition

With a great experience in Kickboxing and a very respectful record of 80 fights in kickboxing, Israel Adesanya also started fighting in the UFC competitions in 2012, jus two years after starting competing in Kickboxing. 

Adesanya is a very talented martial artist, who had a good experience in Boxing, Kickboxing and UFC.

Israel Adesanya is born 22 July 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is both Nigerian and also New Zealander.

He is known for his unique style and show, with his height of 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m), Adesanya has more advantages above many other fighters, with a good reach of 80 in (203 cm). 

Today's article is about his last loss against Alex Pereira by a technical knockout on 12 November, 2022 in New York City.

The Brazilian Alexandro Pereira is two years older than Adesanya, and the same height as him with a reach of 79 in (200 cm). 

The crazy thing is that Adesanya lost against Alex Pereira three times, the first one was in Kickboxing Glory of Heroes  (Shenzhen, China 2016), the second loss was also in Kickboxing Glory of heroes 7 in Brazil 2017 but this time the loss was by a knockout, and in November 2022, Alex Pereira did it again and knocked down Adesanya in the UFC 281 in New York city.