The worst interview ever of Alistair Ovreem

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 This absolutely the worst interview ever of Alistair Ovreem with little interviewer.

Alistair is a giant professional mixed martial artist and also a kick boxer from Netherlands.

He has a very respected record in both MMA and also Kickboxing, his last fight was few days ago in Kickboxing against the Moroccan kickboxing legend Badr Hari, and he won that fight. Even though Alistair is 42 years old, but we simply can say that he is still real monster.The interview in this video was made about 10 years ago when Alistair was at his prime, and he probably was a bit arrogant 😁.

It was her big mistake to accept performing one of the dangerous MMA techniques on her. A big giant fighter applying a back choke on this little journalist 😬

Alistair should not have gone too far with her, because she seems to have suffered a lot in this interview. 

What do you think about this?

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  1. Looks like he enjoyed himself too much and she failed to research him. Could have gone horribly wrong, like rape.