This is what we should see in martial arts fights

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   The most important part in martial arts is respect and manners, and without them these fighting styles would be just pure violent sports.

It is interesting to see that few fighters are still keeping some of the philosophy of martial arts, and even though the mixed martial arts competition is seen as a very brutal competition, but some fighters  are giving a good image to MMA, and keeping the human side inside the octagon.

It is great to see fighters such as Leandro Ataides behaving this way after knocking out his opponent.

Leandro Ataides is a Brazilian MMA fighter from Rio De Janero born in 1986, He has a record of 15 pro fights (11-5-0 / Win-Loss-Draw) and his fight was against French warrior Brayan Rafiq in 2013

His last fight was on  July 30, 2021.

Most fighters in this kind of situation would still attack their opponents on the ground even though they know they are knocked out or knocked down, This make them look like real animals and we are so sorry to use this term, but when you see the referees trying their best to stop the fighter from attacking the knocked out fighters.

The behavior of Leandro Ataides is what we really want to see in MMA competitions or any other fighting competition, and fighters should really understand that they do not fight against enemies, and the whole thing is  a game, and if it would be better if you can win a fight without causing a lot  damage to the other fighter, and remember that everyone has a family who would worry about them.

Martial arts schools should not stop teaching the philosophy and the sportsmanship of martial arts, and this will help to promote martial arts and change the brutal image of few martial arts such as MMA.

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