What happened to Mike Tyson

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 The Iron Mike Tyson influenced millions and millions of people in all the world, especially when he was invincible and destroying any boxer who stepped on the ring in front of him. The former world champion was scary when he was in his tweenies and was one of the youngest powerful heavy weight fighters in the history of boxing. After his retirement a lot of changes happened in his life, he moved from the fit mode to the unfit mode where he looked just too big and over weight, but in these late years he changed his lifestyle and started training again, The Iron Mike Tyson  got some of his shape and athletic body back.

About a week ago, we were really shocked and surprised in a negative way when we saw the legendary Mike Tyson on a wheelchair and holding a cane on his hand.

We have seen many pictures and videos of Mike Tyson smoking weed and promoting it, but this was not the cause of what happened to him lately.

The doctors said that he is suffering from sciatica, and this is caused mostly by the years of very hard workouts, and we do know that the training of elite athletes in this kind of sports is extremely hard.

We just hope that our champion will be fine soon and get over this health issue soon.