Synthol boy rematch was UGLY

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The Russian Synthol boy is back for a rematch with that old man fighter. The two already had a fight similar to MMA competition and of course there is a big gap between their fight and the real mixed martial arts.

The Russian boy is nicknamed synthol boy because he is simply injecting the synthol oil to his arms, which makes them much bigger than bodybuilders arms. The sise is big but the shape is so ugly. It is easy to notice a bluish color on his biceps skin, which means that the oil he is using is not friendly with the human body in general.      

It seems that fame is the main factor behind his decision to keep filling his biceps with this dangerous oil.

He is not the first person to do this to his body.

In Brazil there few people according to what we know who already inject that oil on their arms, chest and also legs sometimes.

Probably hunting the fame and more income through the social media Plat forms is what makes them put their life in danger. 

Back to our fight 😁

The old man is not physically good but at least he is real while the synthol boy is full with that toxic oil. 

The Russian Synthol boy Irill Tereshin has injected over three litters of petroleum Jelly into his arms, and he was warned by doctors that the consequences would be terrible if he did not have a surgery to remove the dead tissue, but it seems this young boy is stubborn. 

It is so stupid to think that fake muscles can replace long and hard hours and years of real training.

In his second he was forced by his opponent to tap out. 

Let's see the fight and feel free to share your thoughts with us 😁👇



  2. Looks like a liberal

  3. Maybe the worst flight of ever seen