Taekwondo back spinning kick in MMA

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You should not miss this impressive Taekwondo kick used in the MMA yesterday by Joaquin Buckley. 

Joaquin Buckley performed one of the amazing techniques that we see in Taekwondo.

For sure you have not seen something like that on the octagon, and it looks like it was a staged scene in a martial arts movie. 

Both the two fighters did a good first round and we could not see a clear superiority of one over the other, and we had to wait till the second round to be surprised by this amazing kick that caused the knockout of Impa Kasanganay.

Joaquin executed a roundhouse kick and Impa blocked it and caught the leg, but the response was so quick and surprising and Joaquin performed a nice spinning back kick while his leg was hanging in Impa's hand.

This spinning jumping back kick went directly to the head and knocked out Impa, maybe he was not expecting anything like that.

Impa caught one leg and did not think he will receive a powerful kick to his head.

This is one of the advanced kicking techniques that are taught in Taekwondo, and most athletes still practice this kick even though the hundreds of changes that happened in the modern Taekwondo.

It is true that many people think that Taekwondo is too soft to be effective in MMA, but the fact is that Taekwondo is still the same martial art we knew, but only the competitive organizations are taking it somewhere else.

We really do not know much about Joaquin Buckley except that he is an American fighter, born 27 April 1994, and

has a record of 14 fights, He won 11 of them (8 KO/TKO ) and he lost three fights.

What do you think think guys about this knockout? have you seen one like this before inside the octagon?

Watch the knockout and feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us.