WTF fighter vs ITF Fighter under WTF rules

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From the Ukrainian Taekwondo championships, We came across this video of a fight between a WTF fighter and an ITF fighter under the WTF kyorugi rules.
Both fighters are good and they needed all the rounds to declare the winner, which was the ITF fighter.
We are not sure if the Ukrainian union allowed the ITF schools to join the national championships or the ITF athlete also belongs to a WTF Taekwondo school.
ITF kept its traditional style since its birth and the fights looks in Shotokan Karate, they are wearing gloves and no chest protectors as in WTF kyorugi.
In few last meetings between WTF and ITF leaders they discussed huge topics including the unification, which is like a mission impossible, they also talked about allowing ITF athletes to compete in WTF championships, unfortunately nothing of that happened.
We just hope the future will bring good news about making Taekwondo  as one martial art. It is not easy at all but we are free to dream, so lets dream about a bright future :)
Now lets watch this fight.


  1. In the Philippines. this will be a fight between a PTA member vs. a non-PTA taekwondo practitioner. PTA is Philippine Taekwondo Association
    , a well-organized group since 1976 that obtained the government nod to decide on TKD jins to be sent to international competitions under WTF rules. Other TKD enthusiasts composed of ITF or Tang Soo Do instructors/students, blacklisted former PTA members, non-PTA taekwondoins trained abroad, and those w/out any formal TKD training are unable to form an effective and unified group for various reasons. They have limited access to local TKD competitions (under WTF rules) except those organized by the government such as the school tournaments (district, provincial, regional & national sports events). They are definitely barred from any PTA-organized events such as kyorugi & poomsae competitions, instructors & referees training/seminars, and color-belt testings.

  2. It is sad because most of these school tournaments don't have enough judges and referees from PTA so they have been using teachers w/ zero TKD knowledge or training. Main risk is the safety of participants (15 years old & below) and the absence of fairness when judging poomsae competitions.

  3. This video is old, which means the WTF fighter is still using the old school tkd, which isn't any different from the ITF, except for punches to the head, which isn't allowed in this fight

  4. Not good, not realistic.