Animated 3D Film of Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen

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Warrior dream is a short animated film that features two great martial artists who became cinema stars.

Both of Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen are from Hong Kong, and practiced Wing Chun.
Donnie Yen was only 10 years when Bruce Lee died, which means that he is one of the martial artists around the world inspired by the Iconic Bruce Lee.
Donnie was known for his best ever role is martial arts film about the legendary great grand master Ip Man.
Many people around the World know Bruce Lee but most of them do not know about his master, and we believe that Donnie and the directors of Ip Man film made Bruce Lee's master too famous everywhere you go.

This short film is about an imaginary fight between Donnie and Bruce Lee, and it is kind of Bruce Lee tribute.
Donnie Yen at the age of 56 now is still an active martial artist and actor.


  1. Really enjoyed watching this! Bruce Lee is a huge inspiration to me and I like the concept you used with the 'imaginary fight'. Superb animation skills, you should work for Disney or something!

  2. Fantastic... Just stunning... Loved it!

  3. Awesome...... I absolutely 💯 % enjoyed watching this

  4. This is Copyright video or not? Please tell me because i want to upload this video in my youtube channel please tell me.

  5. Oh my God! If Bruce Lee had been alive and they actually fought, it couldn't have been better than that! That captures their fighting style to perfection.

  6. Amazing work - thoughtful and provoking. A true piece of martial art!