This Indian master can knock you out without touching you.

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This Indian master claims to have phenomenal power, as we can see in this demonstration here with some people who are for sure his students. 
This man can knock you out without even touching you. the strange thing is that some people still believe that some people have this power.
This ''master'' can stop your technique and throw you away once you go toward him, he does not need to touch you, he just apply his technique that we have no idea what it is about and make you fly :)
He is not the only or the last one to claim having such powers, because there will be people who would believe them. This is what was written about him in this YouTube video:
Dr. AK Prakasan Gurukkal is an enlightened master in the field of martial art, Marma and Massage therapy. He has been doing research in the above subjects for the last 55 years. He is specialized in Marma Therapy (vital point 
theory of human body), Massage therapy, Acupressure , Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, Kalari treatment ,meditation, spiritual healing, yoga etc. His research work on Kalaripayattu (martial art of Kerala) in different styles for more than 50 years paved the way for a spiritual Martial 
Art named Atma Raksha Tantra. His act of meditating 
for others on request for relief of their physical, mental as well as social suffering has yielded positive results in genuine cases. There are several instances of miraculous relief from pain and illness through his meditation even those residing in far of places. The media world over, both print and electronic have hailed his contribution and achievements in the field.