Taekwondo and age

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Many people ask if they can join taekwondo classes at a certain older age, because they think that starting so young is the only and unique option, it is true that starting taekwondo so young would be the best thing ever, especially if the objective is the making of a new champion.

 When people get older, it becomes harder for them to learn as quick as young people, their bodies also loose the ability to handle the hard training, and their progress in gaining more flexibility get so slow except for few of those who are genetically flexible.
in the other hand, young people have more and most abilities to learn and  their bodies respond so fast in a good way.
The age can make a huge deference when it is a question of learning or gaining new techniques in taekwondo, but it is not always an obstacle, because there are other factors that can decrease the role of age, such as the genetics, the courage, the determination, the will and the indomitable spirit.
There are many examples who started taekwondo in their thirties, 
and have proved that they have won the challenge, they learned the basics, and some even learned the complicated kicking techniques.

Taekwondo is a very dynamic martial art, it is not soft, it requires strength, power, endurance and flexibility, that is why some people leave taekwondo when they reach a certain age, and they think that they should try another martial art or sport that suit their abilities.
they key of keeping the practice as long as possible in taekwondo or any other martial art, is to do it the right way, to avoid injuries as much as possible, to keep practicing it in a systematic manner. 
By aging in taekwondo practice, you will learn the most easier ways to perform techniques, and your body will get used to this practice.
             GM Shinchul Kang demonstration

In the global taekwondo community, there are many Grand masters and Masters who still can perform taekwondo techniques 
in a very good way. some of those great GMs are hired by Kukkiwon to teach the basics to masters during seminars.

In poomsae competition, we still see some older Grand masters competing and do good performance, and in Kyorugi, there is 
a good example that we should mention here, Steven lopez who competed at the age of 40.
Age can be a number if you follow a correct lifestyle, so keep practicing Taekwondo in a correct way, 
Eat well, get your deserved rest, avoid injuries during your training 

and stay healthy.

Good luck.

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