Good news about opening Dojangs in Korea

5:09:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

lately it is rare to hear nice news during t
his period of the Pandemic virus, fortunately 
few hours ago we heard some great news
 coming from Korea, which says that Korea 
is just getting out of COVID-19 :)

Korea government decided to further loosen 
its guidelines on strict social distancing since 
May 6th amid clear of a slowdown in 
the number of new COVID-19 infections.
It begins to switch to an ‘everyday life 
quarantine’ scheme from the implementation 
of strict social distancing measures, which 
allows people to carry out social and economic 
activities  and Koreans will be able to go back 
to train Taekwondo in their Dojangs under 
quarantine rules. 
Korea will also allow meetings, schools, 
and events to be held as long as participants 
abide by some basic quarantine guidelines.

We hope other countries will win against 
this bottle as the Koreans did, because 
many millions of Taekwondo practitioners 
miss their Dojangs and their normal life.
Going back to normal life and training may 
take sometime, but we should be optimist 
about it, and soon we would overcome 
this tough period.