Taekwondo vs Shaolin under K1 Rules

10:27:00 PM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

This is a quite hard fight for everyone to fight against a shaolin fighter for few reasons. 

Shaolin monks or fighters were trained to handle attacks to the body or head more than the other martial arts, and also the way they train is to be effective when kicking or punching. 
Taekwondo fighters are training hard too, and the kicks are very impressive and effective, but the way some schools are training now focus on the Olympic style of kicking, which make the kicks less effective, and we can see that through the world taekwondo championships. Nowadays, Taekwondo fighters can succeed to kick the head many times in the same fight without any effectiveness but scorring. In the old days one head kick can cause at least a knockout or at least a knock down, but now things are much different and the fights are a bit softer. 

In one side the new Taekwondo style  ensure the safety of athletes, which is a good thing, but this is affecting taekwondo as a martial art, and promoting it as a sport. 
Taekwondo focuses more on kicks more than punching (boxing). 
In this fight the shaolin fighter is good in boxing which made him better in this fight, while the Taekwondo fighter was good in kicks and could reach the head but without effectiveness, but it is quite good he could handle the two first round against this good fighter who is doing well in K1. 

Let's watch the fight