Taekwondo ''Elite'' athletes are a part of the mess

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Picture from YouTube 

The first day of the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Moscow was the launching of the new outfit that can not be called dobok.

The tight leggings were high lightening the legs of athletes and the top long sleeves shirt was hidden by the hogu.
The only good thing is that it seems using this outfit was not mandatory, therefore, some athletes used the traditional dobok (very few) while the majority were wearing the tight leggings.
                  Both athletes here are wearing                                            traditional dobok

This can tell us a lot about the elite Taekwondo athletes nowadays and their quality as Taekwondo practitioners. 

Now we can see that athletes have a big role to make this WT design adopted or not. If Taekwondo athletes refused to use this outfit, this would would send a direct message to WT leadership to stop it, and they wont be able to force athletes, because for sure they are smart enough not to be engaged in any conflicts against what they consider as the elite World Taekwondo athletes.
We have few questions to ask. 
1- what is the main reason to create a new desigh? 

2- Why many athletes choosed to wear it in the competition? 
A quick answer:  money 🤣🤣
We mentioned the role of athletes in this matter, but we are not sure if all athletes were free to use the new design or their national unions forced them to. 


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