The Karate master who claimed to be faster than Bruce Lee 😉

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It seems that everyone is talking and telling lies because Bruce Lee is not here anymore. 
We do not want to say that Bruce Lee was the best martial artist or something like that, but at least he was an icon in martial arts. 

This Karate master is saying that he was faster than Bruce Lee and that he blocked two of his punches while he could not block the third one because he glanced.. 
This event was in 1967 which is old, but luckily it was filmed 😁 

Master Moore did not see the video maybe 😀

Here is the video where master Moore claimed to have beaten Bruce Lee's speed. 

Here is the video of Bruce Lee and master moore challenge 👇👇👇


  1. Video proves otherwise not so master Moore

  2. To be fair, Bruce never threw much of a strike, and not very close to him either. Not sure I would count that as a test of "speed"...

  3. Mr. Moore was lucky it wasn't for real. Moore was a point circuit champion ,that's it.

    1. Bruce was a champion of nothing. That was the last shot that he threw after Vic blocked 2 before and bruce was frustrated so he threw that glance at his face thats why vic is laughing at him. When bruce fought a champion in real combat he lost so i would say Bruce was lucky it was not a real fight. The myth of Bruce heavily out weighs his actual skills. He had less than 2yrs of formal training, he was a phenomanal athlete and great actor but he was lacking a lot in technique and skill

    2. What ever you say, Vic.

  4. In 1967 I was at this tournament and Bruce Lee beat Vic Moore in each effort. The laughter of Vic Moore occurred because he could not block Bruce Lee’s speed. Vic Moore at this event never stated or indicated that he blocked Mr Lee’s techniques now after death he implies such. I suppose when Vic Moore was knocked out by Jim Harrison that also never happened.