First fight debut for a poomsae master

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Kang Jin Hoi is a Taekwondo master who was originally practicing poomsae and had no experience in kyorugi or sparring.

In this video we can see him fighting in a cage and making his debut in MMA fighting.
This is not bad for a non specialist in fighting, and this means that Mastering the basic kicks and punches in Taekwondo can make things easier if the practitioner decided to step on the MMA ring.
Taekwondo as everyone knows is teaching incredible kicks, and of course we do not mean the touch/kicks. 

Taekwondo is a full contact martial art and its sparring is not limited by controled kicks in sparring such as in shotokan for example, for this reason many people do not understand this big changed that turned Taekwondo martial art into a sport..
The opponent in this fight is not very tough but still the Taekwondo fighter did a good job, and succeeded to kick the head many times, and we think that the helmet they both were wearing decreased the impact of the head kicks.. 

Let's watch this fight 👇