Blocking techniques and terminology (Makgi) explained by Taekwondo grand masters

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Makki techniques explained by Kukkiwon grand masters.
Techniques of protecting the vital parts of the defender’s body from the assailant’s attack by blocking it off with a hand, arm, foot or leg
Cheo-makgi (Striking Block) is one of the conventional blocking skills frequently used in defensive taekwondo techniques. 

The defender confronts the assailant’s attack by matching force for force. Occasionally, bada-makgi (Absorbing Block) absorbing the impact of punching and kicking attacks, georeo-makgi (Tripping Block) obstructing the offense in advance, and geodeo-makgi (Deflecting Block) deflecting or pushing off the opponent’s attack are also employed.
(This is the definition of Kukkiwon) 

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