A Taekwondo fighter wanted to prove the effectiveness of Taekwondo

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Yong Soo Park is a Korean Taekwondo champion, he was 
a korean national team member. He wanted to represent the Olympic Taekwondo style and prove its effectiveness against the other martial arts. 
In this video we can see few fights of him fighting against Muay-Thai fighters and he proved he was better till the last one when he fought against a great Muay Thai fighter and his name is Kaoklai. 
Kaoklai looks smaller compared to Taekwondo fighter but his abilities are impressive, and his use of low kicks can cause damage even when fighting against strong fighters. 
And here in this case, the Taekwondo fighter is tall so low kicks are the best solution here for Kaoklai. 
The fight was equal so the two fighters needed another round to decide who will win this fight. 
Let's watch these fights👇👇